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Fingerprinting Services

FINGERPRINTING Services What makes you unique? Many things, but your fingerprints are most commonly used to identify you especially if you have a criminal record. If you are planning on applying for a pardon or waiver fingerprinting is a requirement. Volunteering, adopting, employment, licensing, travel, police clearance and immigration are also reasons you may need […]

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Canadian Pardon and US Waiver Advice Canadian Pardon & US Waiver Advice Taking the first step and committing to starting the process to obtain a Canadian pardon or US waiver   can be the most difficult thing to do. Most people’s first thought is about the cost. But you need to consider that there’s a lot of paperwork involved and a considerable amount […]

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Victim Surcharge Fees Judges Defy Order to Impose Mandatory Victim Surcharge on Convicted Offenders – Helping or Hurting? Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have made it clear that their “tough on crime” stance is a priority. Their newest legislation, which adheres to the party platform, has made it mandatory for all convicted offenders to pay a victim-services surcharge regardless […]

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Federal Pardon Waiver

Federal Pardon Waiver There is actually no such thing as a Federal Pardon Waiver simply because there is no such thing as a Pardon Waiver. Pardons and Waivers are separate applications. Both are submitted to federal authorities however. A pardon is granted by the Federal Government in Canada, specifically the Parole Board of Canada. A […]

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Pardons and Waivers

Pardons and Waivers – What’s the difference? Pardons – also known as record suspensions – are applications submitted to the Parole Board of Canada (Canadian government) in order to seal a criminal record from public view. Waivers, on the other hand, are applications made to the Department of Homeland Security (American Government) in order to […]

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Express Pardons Website – Why is it still online?

Express Pardons Website – The Saga Continues Anyone following the story of Express Pardons story knows by now that the company went out of business. You will find a run-down of what happened here. What I’m wondering now is why a company that apparently went bankrupt (this was never confirmed) still has enough money to […]

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No Convictions, Criminal Record?

No Convictions, Criminal Record? You were never convicted, so why do you have a criminal record? You’d actually forgotten all about the offence, because your lawyer told you not to worry it would be erased automatically. But was it? Today you’re applying for a job, wanting to volunteer, and it’s coming back to haunt you. […]

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Careful Who You Trust!

I’ve been going through some older blog posts recently and I discovered the problem of less than reputable pardon and waivers services has actually been going on a lot longer than I remember. So for the sake of nostalgia I decided to resurrect this old post. For the record I haven’t heard a word out […]

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Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services

Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services I am almost at the point where I am ready to laugh since I’ve been dealing with these disreputable companies for so long. Anyway the short version of this story is that none of the information contained in the website images below is valid. The company should be avoided. Below […]

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Job Hunting With a Criminal Record

Job Hunting With a Criminal Record? Have you ever struggled to find work? I have and it’s not fun. It’s one of the most frustrating things I remember doing. But I only struggled when I was younger and unskilled, undisciplined and unlikely to stick around for very long. Employers recognize that in young people and it’s […]

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