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Pardons just got a lot more expensive.

I am sorry to announce that Vic Toews and the Conservative government have proceeded with their proposed changes to the Pardon program by drastically raising the filing fee payable to the Parole Board of Canada. And if course it comes after a “consultation” which unanimously opposed the increase. This clearly makes pardons more accessible for […]

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Express pardons

Update: Express Pardons is closed. Express Pardons has gone out of business.   Express pardons is one of several terms used to describe getting a pardon as fast as possible. There are many names for this service and express pardons is just one of them but most of the pardon service providers offer some form […]

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Stop the Omnibus crime bill

The Senate is now debating the Omnibus crime bill. All of us opposed to this legislation are hoping that an actual debate will take place with real people this time rather than the just another faux meeting of Conservative puppet politicians ignoring the universal criticism. One organization that is highly critical of the misguided bill […]

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National Pardon is Optimized for Mobile

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service possible, we have launched - a website operated by National Pardon Centre that affords Canadians the ability to source pardons information from the convenience of their mobile devices. The National Pardon Centre was founded in September 2002 and has grown […]

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Pardon The Agenda

The Conservatives not only want to send more people to jail more often and for longer periods of time, they want to make sure that those who finally get out will not work a decent job for as long as possible. They want to prevent people from obtaining a pardon. In this day and age […]

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Do I Need A Pardon To Get A Passport?

Passports and Criminal Records The Canadian Passport Office evaluates eligibility for a passport on a case by case basis. At present a criminal record is not sufficient cause to refuse an applicant from receiving a passport. Rumours have circulated for years that this will be changed. However, to date we at National Pardon Centre have […]

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Happy New Year from the National Pardon Centre

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year for 2012. The past couple of years presented a lot of challenges in the pardon business due to the Conservative government’s assault on criminal justice (this was the phrase of a colleague I could not resist re-using). Although Bill C23-B has not […]

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How long does it take to get a Canadian pardon? How long does it take to get a Canadian pardon? This is the most common question asked at the National Pardon Centre and one that I frequently discuss on this blog. Everyone wants a pardon done right away but no one gets started on a pardon before it’s really necessary. Why is this? I don’t have an […]

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Finding A Job With A Criminal Record

Finding a job with a criminal record is an uphill battle. More and more employers are requiring background checks making the hunt even harder than before. When a good job offer finally comes your way you want to be sure that nothing stands between you and getting your career on track. We’ve all made mistakes. […]

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Do I Need a Pardon to Remove My Criminal Record?

Two of the most common questions we are asked at the National Pardon Centre are do I have a criminal record and/or do I need a pardon? If you have been to court you have a criminal record and you are most likely in need of a pardon. Depending on the outcome you may require […]

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