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My Canadian Pardon: If someone asks, should I tell?

My Canadian Pardon and My Criminal Record – What Information Can I keep to Myself? A lot of my clients ask if they are required to tell people about their pardon if asked. This usually applies to things like job applications and the US border. I have discussed the US border in length on this […]

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Get a Pardon Get a Job

Once of the things I routinely argued during the fight against the Conservative’s omnibus crime bill was that a pardon was not so much a form of forgiveness as it was permission to get back to work and find a decent job. Most people understand this. Certainly most of my clients do. That is why […]

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Outstanding Fines and Pardon Eligibility

Let’s get this out of the way. Court-ordered fines and surcharges do not go away, ever. They will always be considered outstanding fines. There seems to be a common misconception that the courts will track a person down and force them to pay outstanding fine. This is false. The court has no obligation to chase […]

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Good People Get Criminal Records Too

Whenever I explain my work to someone, I am often met with wide eyes and questions about what it is like to deal with criminals all day long.  I can’t help but laugh at this type of response as it shows how sensationalized the pardon issue has become. The media latches onto stories about Karla […]

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Discharges – Conditional and Absolute

Discharges – Conditional or Absolute There seems to be some confusion for a lot of people as to what a discharge is exactly. A discharge is a finding of guilt but is not the same as a conviction in that it only stays on a person’s criminal record for a certain period of time. It […]

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National Parole Board Pardon Fee Increase

During our presentation to the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security one of the items we decided to discuss was the proposed National Parole Board pardon fee increase. We didn’t agree with it. We have known for some time that a fee increase was coming but we thought we give it a shot and […]

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Record Suspension Specialists

Record Suspension Specialists – ? When the term pardon was changed to record suspension a lot people were upset. It’s understandable. We’ve been in the business of doing pardons since 2002 and all of our marketing effort is focused on the word pardon. All the names in the industry use the word pardon and frankly, […]

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DUI, Drunk Driving, Driving While Intoxicated, Etc.

There are many names for the most commonly pardoned criminal conviction in Canada. The chances are good that you will be familiar with at least one or two of them. But whatever you want to call it the charge is the same and it involves operation of a motor vehicle while intoxiced by alcohol or […]

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Canadian Pardons US Waivers: More Tips

Canadian Pardons US Waivers: Tips for Success Do you regret your past? How can you show that you truly have changed? An important part of any Canadian pardon or US waiver application is the required personal letter of explanation. This is a component of both applications and factors into whether or not your pardon and/or waiver […]

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Canadian Pardon Services

Canadian Pardon Services Provided by the National Pardon Centre Recently I was beginning to write a history of our organization and to get a bit of inspiration and remember all the things that have happened. I was looking at some older archived versions of our website. It’s great to see how the site has evolved […]

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