About Us

Founded in 2002 by Michael Ashby and Nicole Levesque, the National Pardon Centre is a non-profit organization with a great team that will care about your case. If you want honest counsel and expert service we’re right for you.

National Pardon Centre Can Help

At the National Pardon Centre we understand how a criminal record affects your life. Finding a job, crossing the border or even just coaching little league can be impossible with a criminal record. The good news is we know how to help. We’ve been putting criminal records to rest since 2002. We’ve handled thousands of applications and we can handle yours too.

A Canadian pardon, also known as a record suspension, will get your life back on track and a US waiver will open up the border and let you travel.

Pardons, Waivers and Fingerprinting

We offer what we believe are the most efficient Canadian pardon services (record suspension) and US entry waiver services in Canada. We have onsite digital fingerprinting with our own RCMP server for rapid fingerprint certifications and background checks.

Real People, Real Locations

Founded by Nicole Levesque and Michael Ashby the National Pardon Centre is a family run organization. We are accredited by the RCMP CCRTIS program, we are members of the Better Business Bureau, a founding member of the Pardon Association of Canada, members of ICCRC and we are one of the longest operating services in Canada.

Now that you know a bit about us don’t delay. We would love to hear about you. Give us a call, drop by a walk in centre or apply online.

Let us get working for you because a criminal record is something you can live without.



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