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Pardons Canada

Canadian Pardon

A Canadian Pardon, also known as a record suspension, will clear your criminal record in Canada.


us entry waiver

US Entry Waiver

A US entry waiver overcomes border restrictions and lets you to enter the United States of America.




RCMP certified fingerprinting is the most reliable way to perform a criminal background check in Canada.


Trust Us. We’re Tough on Criminal Records.

Experience and Dedication

Experience Matters. At the National Pardon Centre you don’t just get a pardon and waiver service. You get our experienced, dedicated team working harder for you. Don’t risk your pardon or waiver application with an inexperienced company.

Pardons Canada Service

US Entry Waiver Services

Custom Built Infrastructure

Before we ever opened for business we built our industry leading client management system. Our custom technology didn’t just win awards, it allows us to seamlessly manage thousands of pardon and waiver applications just like yours.

Walk in centres

Lots of pardon and waiver companies aren’t much more than a website and a phone number. At the National Pardon Centre we have real locations with real people. Even if you can’t visit us to start your file in person it’s nice to know we’re really here.

Pardons and Waivers

We’re Trusted

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We’re Secure

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How Do I Apply for a U.S. Entry Waiver?

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Those who have a criminal record often mistakenly assume that because they were previously issued a Canadian pardon (record suspension) or because they were able to enter the US successfully in the past that they’ll simply be waived through the U.S. border – no questions asked. That is definitely not the case!…

York Region Police

Happy New Year

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All of us at the National Pardon Centre would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new years eve celebration. The simplest way to do that is to not drink and drive. I assure you the simplest say to start 2015 on the right note is to make sure…


Criminal Background Checks Will be Compulsory for Quebec Taxi Drivers

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This past year left Montrealers feeling uneasy after several reports on the sexual harassment and assault of women taking cabs alone were circulated in the media. Shockingly, police disclosed that in 2014 there were 17 reports of attacks in the city of Montreal alone. The high number of cases pushed…

Convictioins vs non convictions

Convictions Versus Non-Convictions

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The majority of clients who come to see us at the National Pardon Centre require a Record Suspension to remove convictions appearing on their Criminal Record. Anytime someone is convicted in Court for an offence under the Criminal Code, he or she is allocated a unique number which is assigned…

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Our Work and Experience

At the National Pardon Centre we believe in the service we provide and the work that we do. We stand behind our experience, our expertise and our ability to keep thousands of applications organized and moving forward.

Whether you’re looking for a Canadian pardon, a US entry waiver or just a set of fingerprints we want to offer you the best service possible.Take your time. Learn about us and about pardons and waivers. Our work speaks for itself.